Managing Your Practice

Sharpening the saw

I write this reminder every couple of years because it’s so easy to lose sight of the overall landscape among the pressures of our daily routines...

Managing Your Practice

How to set up your own RSS feed

Doing so can help increase readership on your website, publicize a podcast, or keep patients abreast of your practice’s latest treatments and...

Managing Your Practice

RSS feeds are a versatile online tool

RSS feeds are an efficient method of staying current on all the subjects on the web that interest you – medical and otherwise.

Managing Your Practice

Be alert for embezzlement

A few simple measures can help prevent and uncover a large proportion of dishonest behavior in the office.

Managing Your Practice


Be prepared before you fire an employee.

Managing Your Practice

Don’t forget HIPAA

In the struggle to understand and comply with new regulations, it’s easy to neglect older ones. Recently, I suggested reviewing your practice for...

Managing Your Practice

Appealing rejected claims

As third-party payers become stingier with their payments, it becomes more and more important to hold them accountable for decisions that impact...

Managing Your Practice

How will Donald Trump change health care?

Much speculation has already been written on what a Trump administration may look like, but comparatively little has been said about the potential...


CMS offering educational webinars on MACRA

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is offering a pair of webinars aimed at helping physicians navigate the new regulation that...