She's Losing It—Her Hair, That Is


Following the stressful divorce of her parents, this 8-year-old girl’s hair began to fall out, prompting her referral to dermatology. Along with the hair loss, she has mild itching and burning in the area.

The child has a history of several atopic phenomena, including seasonal allergies, asthma, and eczema—all of which are replete in her family’s history.

The child is in no distress and is quite willing to show the affected area—a sizeable (10 x 8 cm), roughly round area of complete hair loss involving the nuchal periphery of her scalp. Fortunately, the area is covered by longer hair that drapes down.

No epidermal changes (ie, redness, scaling, edema) are seen, and no nodes are palpable in the area. Her arms, brows, and lashes appear normal after careful examination.

What is the diagnosis?

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