Dec 2017
Vol. 84
No. 12

From the Editor


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IM Board Review

  • IM Board Review

    Big heart, small ring

    A 58-year-old man has stopped wearing his wedding ring, and his wife suspects him of having an affair.

Current Drug Therapy

  • Current Drug Therapy

    Pharmacotherapy for obesity: What you need to know

    Weight-loss drugs are not magic pills, but they can help when used along with diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes.

The Clinical Picture

  • The Clinical Picture

    Drug reaction or metastatic lung cancer?

    Imaging shows nodules randomly distributed throughout both lungs, a paradoxical reaction to drug therapy.

  • The Clinical Picture

    The Leser-Trélat sign

    The patient presented with night sweats, dry cough, weight loss, and sudden onset of “itchy moles” on her back.