Duty vs. confidentiality

What role does foreseeability play when a physician knows a patient may be a danger to others?


Fixing the ACA: 11 practical solutions

As Congress ends its summer recess, an Oregon pediatrician offers suggestions on how they can improve health care for all Americans.

From the Editor

Successful teams

The teams that function most successfully are those that create a culture of trust and helpfulness no matter the individual talents of those on...


DTC genetic health risk tests: Beware

The Food and Drug Administration recently authorized 23andMe to provide consumers with results of germline DNA sequence variants associated with...


Don’t forget HIPAA

In the struggle to understand and comply with new regulations, it’s easy to neglect older ones. Recently, I suggested reviewing your practice for...


Do you attend a patient’s funeral?

After 18 years of practice, I have plenty of patients whom I respect and with whom I have a strong or longstanding relationship, but I don’t have...


Our new year’s resolutions

Resolve to improve your use of electronic health records to make your life easier in the coming year.